About Cleo Shelby

Just as a passion for high performance cars is an integral part of Carroll Shelby’s personality, a love for fine jewelry is part of Cleo Shelby’s DNA. Growing up in London, her youth was filled with fashionable dinner parties and elegant galas where gleaming diamonds adorned the city’s elite. During those early years, she became fascinated with the allure of diamonds, sapphires and precious metals.


Cleo’s eye for jewelry sharpened during her modeling career where she was often draped in diamonds, rubies and sapphires worth millions of dollars for photo shoots and events. The jewels were far from props for Cleo, as she gained valuable experience working with some of the world’s most influential jewelers while helping them market their exquisite pieces. It was during this point in her life that Cleo began to learn the art of designing fine jewelry.


The Shelby Jewelry Collection, Inc. is the culmination of Cleo’s amazing life experiences and desire to offer stunning jewelry. Already a pilot, philanthropist, animal activist and wife of one of the automotive industry’s greatest icons, Cleo now can share her passion for jewelry with the world.


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